Nutrition Services

The Morehouse General Hospital Nutrition Services staff carefully monitors all patients admitted to the hospital. Our clinical dietitian works closely with a team of physicians and other clinical staff to ensure an appropriate plan of care for all patients. Comprehensive nutrition screenings and assessments are provided to decrease health risks and reduce recovery time. The Clinical Nutrition staff also assists patients with food preferences and offers nutrition education.

Because a healthy lifestyle depends on a balanced diet to prevent or improve chronic disease, Morehouse General Hospital offers outpatient nutrition counseling by a Registered Dietitian.

Note: A physician referral is required for nutritional counseling. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) which can be filed with your insurance company. For our patients who do not have insurance, we offer a standard reduced rate. Individual or group counseling is available and is determined by hospital policies and medical diagnoses.

Increasing fiber intake helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer and keeps you full between meals. Be sure to drink plenty of water when increasing fiber intake.

Office Hours: By appointment
For additional information, please contact:
The Director of Clinical Services
Phone: (318) 283-3705
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