What's New at Morehouse General Hospital

The Health Resource and Education Trust (HRET) partnering with the American Hospital Association (AHA) has designed initiatives in every state to reduce hospital readmissions, which costs Medicare $17 billion dollars annually. The Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) utilizes data collected by each hospital to ensure that all initiatives are met and that coordination of care is attained for all aspects of the continuum of patient care. In doing so the Louisiana HEN strives to meet one of the Partnership for Patients goal of 20% reduction in readmissions. Morehouse General Hospital was recognized by AHA/ HRET-HEN as one of only 35 hospitals in Louisiana that have, to date, attained a 20% reduction in their readmissions.

Pictured Standing L to R:
Melinda Jones, Chief Nursing Officer
Sheila McGowen, Director of Quality and Education
Beverly Jones, Director of Pharmacy
Mindy Diffenderfer, Director of Clinical Resource Management
Seated: Carter Cox, MD

20% reduction in readmissions is measured using the following criteria:

Comment from: Melinda Jones, Chief Nursing Officer
"In an effort to reduce hospital readmissions, our team of healthcare professionals have worked to coordinate care even beyond discharge to ensure that recipients get the care needed to improve their health. We seek to continuously project the physician's presence throughout the care of the patient. In addition to the primary care physician, our Clinical Resource Management Department works to bring together nursing homes, home health agencies, pharmacists, rehabilitation professionals and even behavioral health professionals who are involved in the patient's care. By working together, we help our patients navigate the many parts of the health care system to reduce hospital readmissions."

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