What's New: MGH aquires Vapotherm devices

Morehouse General Hospital has invested in brand new Vapotherm equipment for its Respiratory Therapy department. This state of the art equipment allows oxygen to be delivered to patient through nasal cannulae (small tubing that fits comfortably in the nostrils) at very fast flow rates, up to 40 liters per minute, as opposed to the maximum of about 8 liters per minute available with standard equipment. This very fast delivery rate is made possible by the Vapotherm's ability to warm and supersaturate the air/oxygen mixture with water vapor. Without this such high rates of delivery would be intolerable for patients due to its drying effect.


These very high flow rates can provide extra breathing support for patients requiring oxygen therapy with conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, and emphysema, often preventing the need to use more complex and invasive treatments or transfer to other institutions. Even where progression to these more intensive forms of therapy is unlikely, Vapotherm can often reduce the distress patients experience when their breathing is compromised, providing a degree of comfort not normally seen.

In children Vapotherm can be used for asthma and bronchiolitis amongst other conditions. Asked to comment Morehouse General staff pediatrician Dr. Martin Young remarked:

"This is a tremendous boon for children in the community and will greatly enhance our ability to treat children with respiratory complaints such as asthma, pneumonia and bronchiolitis. In particular it will allow us to keep many kids here who would otherwise have had to be transferred out for care. This is true also for newborns who, as a result of being born a little too early, need some help with their breathing. With the Vapotherm we can give them the treatment they need right here in our Special Care Baby Nursery."