Dr. Douglas Brown and his staff are committed to reaching the orthopaedic needs of the surrounding communities close to Morehouse Parish. Dr. Brown is a highly trained, board certified orthopaedic who has been serving the northeast Louisiana community for more than 30 years. He and his staff offer many services to patients including:

  1. Fracture Care

  2. Pain Relief

– Joint Aspiration & Injection
– Corticosteroid Injections & Medication
– Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
– Viscosupplementations for Arthritis

  • Hivamat Therapy System

– Muscle Relaxation
– Pain Alleviation
– Enhanced Mobility
– Decreased Inflammation

  • Ultrasound Guided Injections

– See the location of the needle in real time.
–¬†Eliminate the guess work that the medicine was injected at the right spot.
РAvoid certain vital tissues that do not need to be injected.

3. Surgeries

  • Cartilage Restoration
  • Ligament Reconstruction/Tendon Repair
  • Joint Replacement (Total Knee and Hip)
  • Arthroscopic Surgery – Shoulders and Knees
  • Spine and Neck Surgery
  • Fracture Care ( Open and Closed Fractures)
  • Foot, Ankle, and Hand Surgery